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If you want to buy a sustainable business, please click BUY. You will be able to access our current listings of sustainable businesses for sale and learn about how The Evergreen Group serves our buyer clients.

If you want to sell your sustainable business, please click SELL. Here you will learn how we work with business owners to prepare their business for sale, market their business to buyers, and facilitate the transfer of ownership of their business.

If you want to determine the market value of your business, please click VALUE. The first step in selling your business is determining its value. Business valuations or business appraisals are also useful for a variety of other reasons as well.

If you are not ready to sell, but you want to maximize the value of your business, please click GROW. We can work with you on business valuation planning to optimize your business value for future sale. Growing businesses always sell faster and for a higher price than businesses with declining revenues and profits.

We also offer a variety of other information and resources for you here:

- What is a Sustainable Business - Our definition and description of what we call sustainable.
- Company Information - History of our company and information on our founder Chris Bartle.
- Partners - Organizations we frequently do business with and refer clients to.
- Resources - Links to other sites on sustainable business and small business.
- Contact Information.
- Form to Request Free Information Reports.

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  What is a Sustainable Business?
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