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Successful Clients

The Evergreen Group has been in operation since 2001. We have had the pleasure of working with many interesting, and passionate clients in this time. Here are some samples of deals we've closed recently...

Client: Socially Responsible Toy Manufacturer/Wholesaler

The owner of this business had written a letter to the editor of "In Business" magazine to ask if anyone knew of a business broker knowledgeable in sustainability. She had been looking for months with no success. I saw this letter and gave her a call and we quickly connected and listed her business for sale.

The owner had started this company 25 years prior with her husband in their garage and had grown it to $1M in annual revenues. She was ready to retire and wanted to reap the rewards of her hard work and also wanted to see her well established brand live on with it's reputation for social responsibility. A larger toy company who was using a well managed, sweatshop free manufacturer, acquired my client's business and merged their product lines. My client was thrilled to be able to hand over her business to good hands and the new owner is doing very well with the expanded product line.

"Chris Bartle of the Evergreen Group was the answer to my search for a conscious broker. All the brokers I found until I met Chris could not recognize the intangible values in my business and were only concerned with the bottom line. Chris was very generous with his time and energy.


I needed a great deal of help translating the workings of my business into terms familiar to me. Chris was very patient, understanding and helpful in creating the data for the business valuation. Chris comes from a more traditional business background than I do. This was very helpful through the process and throughout the year of selling the business.  He knew how to pick and choose through the myriad aspects of the business to find the right data to present.

Chris was open to my ideas about how to find a buyer as well as bringing his own ideas to the table. He was realistic and intelligent in how he went about it. He knew when to use my knowledge and expertise in the engagements along the way. He was fresh and full of energy. He also has vision underlying his relationship to the business world, which is very refreshing in itself. "

- Donna Chamisa, Former Owner


Client: Natural Body Care Product Company

The Natural Products industry is booming. Attending the Natural Products Expos over the years and seeing the potential for consolidation of many small growing businesses was a big motivation for me to start The Evergreen Group. My first client in this space had been around for over 12 years having started selling their first products in the parking lots of Grateful Dead tour. The business had grown to almost $1M in revenues and that was just too big for this client's comfort. Success has its downfalls.

This client had been talking to a much larger, very well established business in this space, but she was not comfortable valuing the business, representing it for sale, and negotiating the terms of the deal alone. She engaged The Evergreen Group to determine the fair market value of her business, and help her along the way with the entire business transfer process. She was able to sell the business for the price she wanted and her product line will expand greatly into the existing channels the acquiring company already has.

"Working with Chris in this process has been such a relief. There is so much to learn about selling a business. I would not have been able to find the time for all that research. Oh...and I had fun, too!"

- Sue Kastensen, Former Owner


Client: Holistic Retail Store

This charming store in Northern California had been operating for almost 20 years. It had become a focal point of the town center. The owner had been running it most of her adult life, and she was ready for a change. This client was also referred to me be a mutual colleague, and again we hit it off right away and listed the business for sale.

Not very long after we listed it, my client became aware of an employee who expressed interest in buying the business. With some creative financing we came to a mutually acceptable agreement, and my client has successfully handed over the operations to the new owner.

"I felt so lucky when I found Chris at The Evergreen Group. He helped to demystify the process of selling my business. When I decided to sell I had no idea how to go about it. Chris got me off to a good start and was always available by phone or email when I had questions or concerns. He connected me with the right resources and professionals when I needed them, and best of all I could feel confident that he understood how important my business values and ethics were in the sale process.

I would recommend The Evergreen Group to anyone attempting to sell a business, especially if it is a "green" or holistic business"

- Sarah O'Leary, Former Owner


Client: Locally Owned Upscale Beauty Salon

With a second child on the way, the owners of this business simply did not have sufficient time to continue to keep up with managing the business as they had for the 5 years since they started it. A mutual colleague referred me to them, and we hit it off right away. They were very well versed in the business of running a salon, but they needed assistance with interpreting and understanding their financials and arriving at a reasonable selling price. They also realized that selling a business would require even more time that they just didn't have.

A buyer came to light who was perfect for this opportunity. She was abandoning her corporate biotech career to pursue entrepreneurial interests and passions. She had experience with salons and loved the industry. We negotiated a deal that was amiable to both parties. The business has continued on and my clients have been able to focus on their family and other pursuits.

If you are thinking about selling, please contact us. The more planning business owners put into selling their business, the better results you will have.

If you're thinking about buying, please review our current listings, and contact us to learn more.


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