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What is a sustainable business?

Guiding sustainable business through evolutionary change
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what is a sustainable business?

While there is no single standardized definition, there are many opinions and beliefs as to what it means for a business to be sustainable. While the study of sustainability evolves, The Evergreen Group has decided to use the following definition:

A sustainable business is one that operates in an environmentally responsible way. Its products and business processes are such that no negative environmental impact is felt as a result of their existence.

The details of sustainable business lie in chemistry and material science, ecology and environmental science. The reality of achieving sustainable operations lies largely with business leaders of today and tomorrow.

Few businesses or organizations can truly call themselves 100% sustainable. Many, however, are well on their way to sustainability as a result of incorporating the following ideals into their business operations. These are the businesses that The Evergreen Group wants to work with to help them sell, value and grow. We also want to work with prospective buyers who want to buy a sustainable business or a business that could become sustainable with transformational changes.

Natural Step's Framework for Sustainability

Natural Capitalism's Central Strategies Toward Sustainability

William McDonough's Hannover Principles

McDonough and Michael Braungart's Cradle to Cradle Design

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